Must see!!

Bret Victor - The Future of Programming (by Bret Victor)

test tone, 1000hz, 33rpm (by phonotopy)

Níl Aon Tinteán Mar Do Thinteán Féin - There’s No Place Like Home-  Angie Duignan (by angie)

AmputeeOT: My Legoleg - amputee prosthetic leg made with Lego bricks (legos) (by AmputeeOT)

Night Stroll (by tao tajima)

MASTA Test structure (by Abelardo Gil-Fournier)

ADW */ turned 5 today!

(No)where (Now)here: two gaze-activated dresses by Ying Gao (by Dezeen)


Six self-contained unites each containing;

- Pair of shoes.

- Arduino Uno

- Servo Motors x2 (New Power XL-38HMB Standard Size Metal Geared Servo P-NEWXL38HMB) 11kg Torque.

- Power 12V 5A for servos & 5V 1.5A for Arduino.

- Photo cell.

- Strip board.

- 10k resister.




Benjamin Gaulon aka Recyclism

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