Glitch Moment/ums

Today I took a trip to London and went to see this small exhibition in London.Curated by Rosa Menkman, and features works by Alma Alloro, Melissa Barron, Nick Briz, Benjamin Gaulon, José Irion Neto, Antonio Roberts and Ant Scott

Featured some great glitch related works - would have loved to have seen more.

Glitches are commonly understood as malfunctions, bugs or sudden disruptions to the normal running of machine hardware and computer networks. Artists have been tweaking these technologies to deliberately produce glitches that generate new meanings and forms. The high-speed networks of creation and distribution across the Internet have provided the perfect compost to feed this international craze. The exhibition shows various approaches by artists hacking familiar hardware and their devices which include mobile phones, and kindles. They disrupt both the softwares and the digital artefacts produced by these softwares, whether it be in the form of video, sound and woven glitch textiles.

Glitch art subverts the way in which we are supposed to relate to technology, causing playful, imaginative disruptions. It is a low-tech and dirty media approach with a punk attitude. These artists appropriate the medium and forge expressions that go beyond what the mainstream art world expects artists to do, it is unstoppable - it is Glitch Moment/ums.

You can find out more about the exhibition at the Furtherfield website here


Pandora’s Dropbox, 2013


Pandora’s Dropbox, 2013



1979: Digital TV Dinner (by Jamie Faye Fenton)


Self-Actualization Replaces The Journey

Game art installation by Jeffrey Scudder uses 4 Playstation consoles together to play Grand Theft Auto IV simultaneously:

A new video game wherein four copies of Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) are playable simultaneously via a single controller. The display transitions smoothly between instances. Its title comes from a change made to GTA4’s in-game radio stations in an expansion pack.

Videos, photos and further documentation can be found here

Caricature (by Kyle McDonald)

Olafur Eliasson “Notion motion” (by Iryna Berezhko)

Multi-viewpoint robotic camera system creates real ‘bullet time’ slow motion replays #DigInfo (by Diginfonews)


Instant Art Career

Public art installation from Niklas Roy is a manual painting machine for anyone to create their own work of art, made for the Katowice Street Art Festival - video embedded below:

There are many artists in this world, but also many people who could be artists, although they are not. These people might just be stuck in their daily business, being unaware of the exciting possibility to lead the prestigious life of a professional artist. We tackled this issue at the Katowice Street Art Festival by providing anyone with the opportunity to become an artist instantly.

For that purpose, we constructed a “Public Painting Machine” and installed it inside a gallery window. People on the street could paint with the machine by pulling on ropes which were hanging outside. The machine bridged the gap between ordinary street life and the glamorous world of art. It launched hundreds of art careers and created skyrocketing fame which finally culminated in cash revenue for the artists.

More can be found at Niklas’ website here, including photos and even the construction files to construct your own.

Eunoia (by Lisa Park)



Art project by Phil Thompson takes blurred copyright-protected images of artworks from the Google Art Project to be recreated by Chinese oil painting services:

The Google Art Project ( contains several paintings which have had a blur filter applied to them so as to make them unrecognisable. Google explain this decison stating that they were, ‘required to be blurred by the museums for reasons pertaining to copyrights.’

After collecting all of these images by taking screenshots and cropping out the blurred images, they were emailed to oil painting reproduction companies in China (chosen for its own issues with internet censorship and for its ongoing difficulties with Google), where they were painted to the scale of the original painting. These reproductions were shipped back to the UK and now become the art work.

More Here

SIGGRAPH 2013 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer (by ACMSIGGRAPH)

Benjamin Gaulon aka Recyclism

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